How We Got Started

For years there was always local discount stores to go to for shoes, especial when Moms and Dads wanted to get some decent work shoes or dress shoes, ok even not so favorable gym shoes for the kids at a reasonable price!!! Their prices were good even if the shoes were not!  Today that store does not exist anymore, the quality is not any better, but their prices are so much more expensive and the selection has lost its variety! 

Well is bringing those prices back but with way more quality and more selection! We promise to always bring you the freshest and latest fashionable shoe wear the industry can offer. Our competitors may offer the same quality and style but not at our price! We welcome you to join as we journey back to the time when it was a privilege to have a customer and not just an expectation!  

We want and welcome your feedback!

Please give us your opinion on our selections or send us a picture of a style you'd like us to sale @ is fun, affordable and effortlessly cool. New Arrivals uploaded weekly! So check back as often as you can.

With Love....Your Truly,

Sabrina Kennedy

President and CEO